Influence the Bigger Picture

An informative seminar in which you will meet leading experts in the field, for a chance to learn about what makes Israel so special


Who Are We

We are students at Bar Ilan University taking part in the StandWithUs Fellowship Program for Leadership and Public Diplomacy. As part of the program, we launched a volunteer project aiming to promote Israel’s positive image on a worldwide scale. 
This initiative will take place during a one day conference, during which we will deliver content on the reality of Israel’s multicolored existence. 
The partakers will be exchange students studying in Israel, and our goal is to provide them with tools and useful information to create their own Israel experience story. 
These students will then become unofficial ambassadors for Israel, and will help further the positive image we wish to spread.




How Did It All Begin?


In-depth understanding of the formation of the Jewish People and their connection to the land of Israel; the history and background of the Zionist movement; Israel’s wars and the development of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Israeli Society


Introduction to Israeli society in all its diverse beauty and complexity


Start Up Nation


Exposure to the significance of Israel as a key country on a world-wide stage, and as a center of technological and industrial advancement.

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Image by Joshua Sukoff